Sociogram: the innovation and advantages of Web 3.0 social media expansion

4 min readDec 24, 2022
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Social media is a part of our life that reflects the way we communicate, interact and form communities. However, the current Web 2.0 social media generation certainly has some issues. Traditional social media is controlled and censored: they are used by corporations and governments to shape the viewpoints and behaviors of users. Vote for this, buy that. We know what you like better than you do: we’ve studied your habits, read your messages, and track your locations. It’s our pleasure!

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As you understand, the Web 2.0 social media model is based on user data. Companies-owners of popular social networks like Meta and Tik-Tok control it. China, one of the world’s dominant superpowers, has its own social networks. Instead of Facebook, they have WeChat, which is limited and available only to users from China.

Users of traditional social networks are stripped of their agency. The last right that remains is the freedom to choose between a shrinking number of competitors who have taken over search engines, content, services, etc.

In general, if you use any of the existing social networks, you are trading your data for their use. These companies use your data to their advantage — mostly to profit from advertising. And they do not seem to care about the security side, which is proved by multiple scandals with data leaks, for example, Facebook ( ) and LinkedIn. ( )

Many use social networks as platforms for self-expression. By publishing their opinions in posts or comments, they create UGC, which stands for user-generated content. According to the regulations of social networks, this content only partially belongs to the users but mainly to the platforms.

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Web 3.0 globally should solve the same problem that Web 2.0 was unable to solve: allowing people to exchange information, collaborate, and make direct transactions worldwide, freely and independently of the state, corporations, or any organization.

Web 3.0 is already changing the way social media works. Take Sociogram as an example. Besides freedom of choice and sharing, Sociogram stands for the following:

1) No geographical restrictions. With blockchain technology, it is impossible to limit users in any way. Therefore, anyone can join Sociogram, regardless of location.

2) Users own their content. In Sociogram, all user-generated content belongs only to users. And only they can decide how to dispose of it: keep it, sell it, gift it, delete it.

3) No targeted ads. Because of the inability to track your actions and collect your data, ads do not exist in Sociogram. The content of your subscriptions is shown in chronological order without any curation algorithms.

4) No authority collects data and uses it for its purposes. Corporations and states do not have any influence on users. Sociogram neither stores nor sells your data to them or any other organization.

5) Self-regulation. Users generate the content and decide the destiny of any disputed content. Sociogram does not have the right to edit or delete any user-generated content.

Sociogram also provides two critical aspects of security:

— Encryption — any communication between users must be protected from scrutiny, wiretapping, and tracking by any third parties, including states and intelligence agencies.

— Decentralization — users themselves should determine the vector of social network development and make decisions about the fate of content.

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Sociogram improves Web 2.0 social networks in almost every way, from freedom of speech to security. It encourages open communication and honesty. With Sociogram, you can find people and communities based on your interests — you won’t see any pop-ups with recommendations to add your friend from the phone book you wish you hadn’t ever met.

One of the latest features in Sociogram is NFT-related functionality: users can transfer their NFTs to others and the blockchain, see the detailed history of NFT movement, and track the transfer status. And this is just the beginning of the journey!

Stay tuned to see what else Sociogram will bring you.

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